192.168.13[MONSTROcity] features new works completed in the period since Timofeev’s previous solo exhibition at the gallery in 2009, LOCAL_AREA_NETWORK[s]. The title of the show comes from the name of Timofeev's latest fictional city and the new paintings describe events in this new locale.

Timofeev’s work draws on his interest in utopian architectures, alternative realities and logical frameworks. He takes as a starting point for his work the creation of a fictional universe, with its own systems of rules governing the behaviour of objects within it. Draughtsmanship is integral to Timofeev's practice, as is apparent in the schematic precision with which he shows us his world. There is a subtlety to the application of paint that contradicts, or at least complicates, any suggestion that these paintings are dispassionate intellectual exercises - frail lines, chromatic codes and washes of paint reward the audience’s engagement with his material. He has developed his own idiosyncratic language of composition, in which logical principles are expressed through the application of paint by the human hand. This contrast is at the heart of Timofeev’s work.

Viktor Timofeev (born in Riga, 1984) lives and works in Berlin. Solo exhibitions include Riga Art Space, Latvia (November 2011) and Schmidt & Handrup, Cologne (2010). Group exhibitions include Anschlüssel LONDON / BERLIN, fruehsorge contemporary drawings, Berlin (September 2011) and You Are Free Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (October 2011). He won the Alfred Loos-Preis in 2010 awarded by the Van den Valentyn Foundation and a book of his work will be published by Koenig in 2012. He is also working on a commission for CASS Sculpture Foundation.