4 Holly Grove
Peckham, London
SE15 5DF

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Private View Wed 29 March 6.30 – 9pm
30 March – 29 April
Norman Hyams

We are excited to present to the public the first solo exhibition of Norman Hyams (b. 1966, London). His show of new work is a painter’s voyage into his version of life. Bringing together the universe around him and his childhood influences and memories, Norman’s outcomes seem to be minimal and feel effortless yet are deep and complex. He has found a way to project his experiences with cinematic and painterly filters leaving us with works that could be seen to carry the stoic allure of an ancient chieftain. Norman Hyams seizes on mundane scenarios with momentary lust, transforming viewer into voyeur. His work depicts quiet scenes with loud strokes and marks that may be mistaken for a swing of the brush but are rather the result of repetitive strokes meditatively applied.

Norman Hyams received his BFA in Painting from Chelsea College of Art in 2006 and completed the Turps Banana Painting Programme in 2016. 
He lives and works in London.

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